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Feature List
Software Developers

The first gun system for the PC is now available. Pick up the ACT LABS SGA, a hardcore gun system with extreme accuracy and you won't want to put it down.

  •  Pixel accuracy
  •  6-foot cable length
  •  True plug and play solution
  •  Screen resolution support up to 1600 x 1200 (all 3D modes)
  •  Not compatible with LCD monitors
  •  Compatible with wide array of gaming software
  • Compatible with Windows 98


Contoured rubber gun handle
Easy Setup
Supports screen resolutions up to 1280x1024
Compatible with extra large monitors (21" and above)
Compatible with VGA video cards and CRT monitors

Game port and video connection
3D accelerator support
No expansion card needed
External power supply included
1-year full warranty
Bundled with Fox Interactive's Die Hard Trilogy 2 Demo

Uses ACT LABS gun technology
Pixel accuracy
System functions as DirectInput controller
6-feet cable lengths

Over a year and a half in development, a PC light gun system is born. We've refined a development kit which includes a developer library along with the hardware. Our SGA reports as a standard DirectInput controller. If your game supports a joystick, adding SGA support is easy. Contact us and we'll contact you with information.

Contact Info:

Brandon Crick
VP of Development
Tel: (604) 278-3650 x119
Fax: (604) 278-3612