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April 24, 2002
ACT LABS offers new PC USB Light Gun with extreme accuracy and 100+ titles of game support

September 18, 2001
ACT LABS Launches USB Shifter With Over 50 Games Supported

September 01, 2000
RS Shifter now with free shifting support for Grand Prix Legends and Need for Speed - Porsche Unleashed

September 15, 1999
ACT LABS Hits the Road
with Rally Championship

August 12, 1999
ACT LABS ships their new
PC light gun system

April 30, 1999
ACT LABS debuts gun technology
in Gun System product

April 23, 1999
ACT LABS shows all with
Mac racing system

April 16, 1999
ACT LABS to showcase
Dreamcast RS at E3

April 9, 1999
ACT LABS unveils first RS accessory: RS Shifter

March 16, 1999
ACT LABS announces breakthrough
PC Gun technology

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