ACT LABS debuts gun technology in Gun System product

Richmond, BC. April 30, 1999 - ACT LABS, developers of cutting-edge gaming peripherals, have announced the ACT LABS Gun System™, the first product that will utilize their patent pending PC gun technology. The recently announced technology offers extreme accuracy in a variety of resolutions (including all 3-D modes) at a comfortable range of up to six feet. The ACT LABS GS™ will be showcased at the upcoming E3 trade show as one of ACT LABS premier products for 1999.

The ACT LABS GS™ is a complete system that has been designed to offer both single- and two-player use. Following the high design standard set by their previous products, the system consists of two light guns that are stored in an attractive holster-style base unit. The base has a metallic finish and rubber form fitting pockets to keep the guns upright in storage. The gun design also features a metallic finish and rubber compound handle.

The third important component of the ACT LABS GS™ is a handheld controller that can be used in conjunction with one of the guns. This device has its own storage location at the rear of the base unit. You can "hot-swap" the guns at any time to allow for the use of the included handheld controller. The handheld controller also has a "mouse-emulation" feature that gives it additional functionality.

"The ACT LABS GS™ was intended to be primarily for use with action adventure and hunting titles. However, we believe a first-person shooter application might also be a possibility. We want to explore this more though, before claiming this system as ideal for the FPS genre of games, as gamers have been given so many false promises in the past with the onslaught of clumsy non-intuitive devices," comments Brandon Crick, Vice President of Development at ACT LABS. "We look forward to working with the gamers and developers to investigate different applications, as we have constructed the system to allow future enhancements and the addition of upgrade modules. We want everyone to know that we are committed to the 'future-proof' concept our products revolve around."

Since ACT LABS developed the technology, they have concentrated on making the implementation of the new control system easy for software developers. Some developers have commented that the overall time spent supporting the device has been less than a couple hours. ACT LABS has been working with a number of developers over the past six months and they look forward to a variety of games supporting the system upon product launch this summer.

The ACT LABS GS™ will be sold as a complete system consisting of two light guns, a handheld controller, and a base unit (SRP: US$89.99) and will be available this August. ACT LABS is guaranteeing delivery for its business partners by August 15, 1999 or the product is half price! Please see contact details below for more information.

Contact: Jeff Hendy, VP of Channel Development
Tel: (604) 278-3650 x109