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This is one great set of racing pedals. It stays put no matter what surface you place it on, has an eye-catching and resilient design, and is truly USB plug and play. The RS Clutch System offers racing enthusiasts the ability to brake and accelerate in their favorite racing simulations, as well as the ability to take advantage of clutching functions when available. The handy integration utility is a plus that can't go without mention, greatly enhancing the value and functionality of the system -- while the fact that these pedals will work with just about any wheel system made makes it an all-around product for computer gear heads.

"The ACT LABS pedal upgrade system has raised the bar for ALL gaming peripheral manufacturers. Not only have they advanced their own wheel system, but by creating a digital USB connection, the new pedals can be used with any wheel. No more driver disks or upgrades to keep track of. No messy installation or calibrations to worry with. No profiles to configure. Just plug it in and go racing. ACT LABS is definitely a company that has listened to its customers. We've complained for years about wimpy pedal springs, no clutch pedal, no travel in the pedals and base units that constantly wonder around underneath our desks. ACT LABS has answered the call for all of these issues and took it a step farther by offering a discount to those customers that already own one of their units. Proof once again that they care a great deal about their customers. Everything else IS just a toy." - David Harrison from BH Motorsports

"Wow you guys at ACT LABS sure know how to make a product, first off the throttle is perfect, the throw on it gives you more presice acceleration then any other pedal i've tried." - K_Dragon from our message forum post
"I'm really surprised what ACT LABS has done with these new pedals.It's obvious they did some real homework before they settled on the finished design, making the long wait well worth it!" - Dave K posted on REC.AUTOS.SIMS newsgroup
"Simply the best set of pedals I have ever used... And they can be used with ANY wheel.. Awesome..." - Tsrf900r posted on REC.AUTOS.SIMS newsgroup
"Tthe best effect is the huge improvement in the consistency of my driving. This is mostly due to the vastly improved (and realistic) feel of the brake pedal combined with the smoothness and accuracy of the throttle." - Lynn Flowers from our message forum post
"The new pedals are great! Now I need to go to driving school. Thanx AL for the great support." - Brupska from our message forum post
"These things are PRECISE...Within three laps of practice before our race, I'm almost a full second quicker...Thanks ACT LABS. Great job and you've got a customer for life." - Basementfullofwheels from our message forum post
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