ACT LABS GPL USB Shifter / RS Shifter Game Compatibility
The following is a comprehensive list of gun games that can be played with the latest version of the M.A.M.E. emulator program. Please do not contact us to request any of the game ROM's listed below.

This list is for reference use only and is our attempt to document and preserve the vintage gun gaming arcade experience.

Vs. Duck Hunt
Nintendo 1985

Point Blank
Namco 1994

Gun Bullet
Namco 1994

Terminator 2 Judgement Day
Midway 1991

Operation Wolf (US)
Taito America Corp 1987

Operation Bear

Zero Point
Unico Electronics 1998

Space Gun
Taito Corporation Japan 1990

Under Fire (World)
Taito Corporation Japan 1993

Operation Thunderbolt (World)
Taito Corporation Japan 1988

Operation Thunderbolt (US)
Taito America Corporation 1988

Exidy 1983

Exidy 1984

Exidy 1986

Vs. Hogan's Alley
Nintendo 1985

PlayChoice-10: Wild Gunman
Nintendo 1984

PlayChoice 10: Duck Hunt
Nintendo 1984

Police Trainer
P&P Marketing 1996

Clay Pigeon
Exidy 1986

Turkey Shoot
Williams 1984

PlayChoice 10: Hogan's Alley
Nintendo 1984

Exidy 1985

(Combat Clone)
Exidy 1985

Exidy 1985

Hit 'n Miss
Exidy 1987

Night Stocker
Bally/Sente 1986

Who Dunit
Exidy 1988