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"The Force RS Racing System is simply the best product in its class."
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* "The best force-feedback response of the wheels we tested."
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Force RS v2.51 driver
* Force RS Install Guide
* Manual of Pedal RS 2006
* Manual of RS Shifter 2006
* Manual of 3 in 1 USB adaptor
* Shifter/clutch utility V2.3
* Game Support
Special Thanks to *JSJ* GPL Utility



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ACT LABS home arcade racing, built by simracer for simracers would only fulfill SP-BU (full bundle of shifter set, with USB adapter and 4 extra gear plates) and PDL-BU (full metal pedals plus USB adapter). All others, please check important note here



Quoted from Trey Turley, Austin US Sept 21, 2006

Thank you for your help. I have gotten my shifter to work using the generic mode in NFS underground.
It also works fine in generic mode for TOCA Race Driver 3. I have also had success with it working on a few other games not listed at all in generic mode. I had just never used it before or had it correctly setup. Thank you again for your help and for a great product that truly enhances my gaming experience and enjoyment.

ACT LABS Retro Gear (all spare parts are stocked in Canada, see important note here)

ACT LABS launched its first Force RS Racing System in 1999 and have won numerous awards being the best of the best in the racing industry. Since then, this line has been discontinued and we no longer offer technical support for these older models. However, spare parts are still available so click on the below items to find its spare parts or experience our newly redesigned version in the New Sim Racers line!

Spare parts only while quantities last very limited