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*For Retro Gears: All products are discontinued and sold out. Official technical support will be discontinued end January 31st. Limited spare parts, once they are sold out will not be available again unless they are the same parts as for 2006 version.
1.   Belts for Force RS
o Kevlar re-inforced rubber belts
o Designed for maximum performance
o Marking : Unitta 351-3M
o Please note that there are 2 different belts, one mark 351 (longer) and another 342 (shorter) we only have 351 You must use the exact belt, you can order the 342 belts from here. TB9M-114-01 3MM PITCH NEOPRENE/FIBER BELT 9MM W 114 TEETH 342 MM
2.   Force RS Wheel Stopper
o Injection molded PVC
o Re-inforced for strength
o Genuine replacement steering wheel stop for the Force RS
PRICE: $10.00USD
3.   Microswitch for ACT Labs Force RS (Large)
o Genuine replacement microswitch
o Easy solder installation
o These buttons are used for the paddle shifters

4.   Motor Housing Bracket
o Injection molded PVC
o Genuine replacement bracket for the Force RS motor
PRICE: $20.00USD
5.   Old Product manual/CD
Old Product manual/CD
6.   Potentiometer for RS Classic Pedals
o Genuine replacement Potentiometer
o Rated for 25,000 cycles

PRICE: $12.00USD
7.   RS Collectible Silver Keychain
oLimited Edition Collectible Keychain
o1.5" in diameter
oSilver round RS logo

8.   Shaft Coupler
o Injection molded PVC plastic
o Genuine replacement part for your ACT LABS RS or Force RS wheel
PRICE: $10.00USD
9.   Steering Wheel Decal
o Laser cut for a precise fit
10.   Steering Wheel Potentiometer
o High quality construction
o Designed for 25,000 cycles

PRICE: $12.00USD

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