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Belts for Force RS

o Kevlar re-inforced rubber belts
o Designed for maximum performance
o Marking : Unitta 351-3M
o Please note that there are 2 different belts, one mark 351 (longer) and another 342 (shorter) we only have 351 You must use the exact belt, you can order the 342 belts from here. http://www.smallparts.com/products/descriptions/fa6.cfm TB9M-114-01 3MM PITCH NEOPRENE/FIBER BELT 9MM W 114 TEETH 342 MM
  Force RS Wheel Stopper

o Injection molded PVC
o Re-inforced for strength
o Genuine replacement steering wheel stop for the Force RS
PRICE: $6.00 USD

PRICE: $10.00 USD

Microswitch for ACT Labs Force RS (Large)

o Genuine replacement microswitch
o Easy solder installation
o These buttons are used for the paddle shifters

  Motor Housing Bracket

o Injection molded PVC
o Genuine replacement bracket for the Force RS motor
PRICE: $4.00 USD

PRICE: $20.00 USD

Old Product manual/CD

Old Product manual/CD
  Shaft Coupler

o Injection molded PVC plastic
o Genuine replacement part for your ACT LABS RS or Force RS wheel
PRICE: $5.00 USD

PRICE: $10.00 USD

Steering Wheel Decal

o Laser cut for a precise fit
  Steering Wheel Potentiometer

o High quality construction
o Designed for 25,000 cycles

PRICE: $3.99 USD

PRICE: $12.00 USD

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