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Clamp for Legacy RS Shifter

If you like the new shifter clamp, and want to use it for your legacy RS shifter, here you go!
  Microswitch for ACT Labs Shifter

o Genuine replacement microswitch
o Easy solder installation

PRICE: $18.90 USD

PRICE: $3.00 USD

Shifter Mounting Bracket

o Genuine replacement bracket for the RS & GPL USB Shifter
o Matte black finish
o Anti-slip rubber grips

  Shifter Sleeve for GPL USB Shifter

Provide the extra connectors for shifter and clutch (performance pedals) to connect to the Force RS wheel
PRICE: $19.00 USD

PRICE: $19.99 USD

Shifter Springs

o 3 spring set
o Exact fit for RS & GPL Shifters
o Easy installation with the downloaded instructions

PRICE: $6.00 USD
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