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Keep LIQUID out of the optical eye port if you use an optical mouse. If contact occurs, wipe LIQUID out immediately.

** As with all household chemicals; keep out of reach of children and do not ingest**


1. Clean surface to remove any oils, debris, and dirt. Let dry.
2. Shake LIQUID well and place a small puddle (approximately the size of a dime for a surface size up to 10"x10") in middle of surface and wipe around evenly in circles with a lint free sponge (included) or cloth. Very little is needed to reduce friction, therefore do not over-apply LIQUID as it can fill in textured surfaces.
3. Surface may be used immediately once dry (within minutes after treatment.) Full cure treatments are more durable. Full cure is 24 hours.
4. A blow dryer may be used to "cure" LIQUID more quickly on pads and feet.
5. Re-treat as needed (depending on use can be approximately once per week up to once per month)


1. Clean mouse feet by wiping off any debris and buildup.
2. Isopropyl alcohol can be used if heavy cleaning is needed. If a Teflon tape product has been used on the feet, all glues MUST be removed for proper `slickness' to be achieved.
3. Turn mouse upside down and support it so it stays level.
4. Shake LIQUID well and place small amount on each mouse `foot'. Allowing for a level coating over entire mouse `foot'.
5. Using the included sponge, even out the drop on top of the mouse foot.
6. Let dry before use.


Func Anti-Friction LiqUid

o LIQUID is a water based, non-toxic, anti-friction treatment that has no wax or petroleum products in it. It is a silicon emulsion made with only top quality materials.

oLIQUID is designed for use with all types of hard surface mouse pads and mice, including optical and ball mice.

oLIQUID reduces `drag' by creating a micro fine anti friction layer between your mouse and surface, and helps protect your hardware from wearing out too quickly.

oLIQUID can help minimize hand fatigue in intensive applications due to reduced effort in mouse movement.

What is it?

LIQUID is a water based, non-toxic, anti-friction treatment that has no wax or petroleum products in it. It is a silicon emulsion made with only top quality materials.

Unlike other waxes and treatments, LIQUID leaves no greasy residue. LIQUID is designed for use with both Optical and ball mice. It works best on hard "fine cell" gaming surfaces (such as the Surface1030 Competition Mousing Surface), but has been found to provide benefits on hard desk pads, desktops and even some brands of cloth pads.

Hard mousing surfaces have texture that help to reduce the drag between your mouse feet and your mousing surface. LIQUID reduces friction even more by creating a micro fine layer that is very slick. This micro layer helps to protect your gaming hardware from wearing down too quickly, and can help restore the life of worn-out gaming pads with just one coat. Once LIQUID is dry it won't peel, crack, or chip. And unlike typical Teflon tape applications; there are no uneven or creased areas to get in the way of smooth mouse operation.

Why Use it?

Unless you play computer games or work in professional applications that require fast, accurate, and precise movements, you might not appreciate, at first, the need for LIQUID. However, we think that any computer user can benefit from the reduced friction as LIQUID can help reduce hand fatigue in any mouse intensive application, or even extended sessions of surfing the net.

In fast paced gaming speed and accuracy is key. Most PC gamers already know the difference between winning and losing can be attributed to a split second difference in reaction time and accuracy, and we think LIQUID can give you an edge. Gamers will be amazed at the ease and accuracy of movement with little effort from the mouse. No more heightened awareness of the sluggish feeling of moving on a surface that drags... just clean movement as smooth as a puck on ice.


fUnc mouse pad standard U10s-S



fUnc mouse pad U30r-S - fUnc Star Blue Grunge



fUnc mouse pad *standard* F10s-M



fUnc mouse pad F30r-M - Blue Grunge



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