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$ 168 USD



*RS Pedals 2006

The RS Pedals base colour is red and has pedals finished in a satin black powder coat.

Important notice about USB adaptor, see below please read carefully

Fully compatible to ACT LABS RS USB Adapters, 2 in 1 USB adaptor is workable with a special cable, (there are 3 connectors on the adaptor, marked as "clutch", "gas/brake" and "shifter", if you have this adaptor, please put a remark on your pedal order and the special cable will be provided for free)
3 in 1 USB adaptor (3 connectors with Wheel, Pedals and Shifter), is highly recommended ( purchase seperately).
Powered by Advantage1 pedal design

The ACT LABS RS Pedals are designed to provide a realistic sim driving experience.
They are made using heavy duty components including industrial bearings, springs and mild steel. powered by Advantage 1 pedal design
The movement and feel of the pedals were designed with real world driving in mind. Brake and clutch travel is 15º while the throttle travel is 20º. The throttle is offset from the brake to provide for heel and toe driving.
The brake includes a second stage spring which is adjustable to provide valuable tactile information to enhance the driving experience. A second stage spring can also be configured on the clutch.
Mounting holes are provided in the base for cockpit mounting.
Defaulted spring ex-factory : Throttle and clutch : light, brake, both short and long : medium

3 in 1 USB adaptor



ACT LABS RS Shifter 2006.



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