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$ 16.99 USD


"Partnering up with ACT LABS, Func set out on a quest to make a pad that their gaming friends would love and that they'd want to use themselves." - PC Gamer Review (08/2000)

Tech TV Review (08/2003)

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sUrface1030 /w orange base by Func Industries

Please note that there is no more tin box included in this product
o Mouse cord clip allows free and unhindered movement while mousing
o Large mousing sUrface of 10" x 8.5" and less than 1/8" high
o Works great with ball and optical mice!
o Blue surface with orange base

Your mousing surface plays an integral role in providing effective communication with your computer. Whether your focus is gaming, graphical, or other professional applications, the surface that you mouse on must be consistent and provide precise tracking ability.

The patent pending double sided surface of the Func sUrface1030 provides precision and accuracy appropriate for people who work and play hard. Using only the highest quality components, Func has designed the sUrface1030 mousing solution to be the last mouse "pad" you ever need to buy.


Func Anti-Friction LiqUid



Func cloth mouse pad, Large size in black



fUnc mouse pad standard U10s-S



Custom sUrface1030 Archetype - with Softfeel base



Custom Original sUrface1030 with rubber black base



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