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$ 59.99 USD


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ATTN. non-ACT LABS wheel owners: The GPL USB Shifter will also work with TSW, Microsoft, Logitech and many other PC racing wheels on the market.

o Technical support
o Complete Game Listing

Height - 8 1/2"
Width - 6 3/4"
Depth - 5 3/4"


GPL USB Shifter

o Special USB interface
o 7-speed with Reverse Plate Included
o Works with ALL PC racing systems
o Works with ALL popular PC racing games
o Easy to setup
o Free ACT LABS Shifter Utility software

The GPL USB Shifter takes racing simulation to a new level of reality. The shifter "drops" into each gear with a realistic feel. And get this... you can gear down from 5th to 2nd in one swift motion. So go ahead - attack that hairpin corner!

Customize your GPL USB shifter with a Momo shift knob! 4, 5 and 6 speed shift plates also available!

Support for both Windows and Mac! Mac users can take advantage of the Performance Pedals in Aspyr's Nascar 2002 Racing Season.

At this time it looks doubtful that we will be producing more GPL USB Shifters. We thank everyone who purchased the GPL USB Shifter. We will continue to support existing GPL USB Shifter owners by carrying replacement parts and refurbished GPL USB Shifters as they become available.

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