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Force RS Installation Guide
There is a known incompatibility between the Force RS and these systems. This is because the USB ports on these systems share an IRQ with the on-board modem. Please contact the respective tech support for your system and ask them to walk you through changing the IRQ on either the Modem or the USB port. Or, if you do not use the modem on your system, you can simply disable it in the BIOS. Compaq or HP tech support can talk you through this as well. Some newer models of the HP Pavilion are compatible with the Force RS, please contact technical support before making a purchase.

Force RS Driver Downloads

New v2.51 Unified Driver! - December 16, 2002

Force RS Driver Installation
WIN 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP Supported
  • Supports all USB cartridge versions
  • Installshield package
  • Includes XP support
  • USB cartridge support only
Force RS v2.5 Driver

NOTE: Windows 95 and 98 support has been discontinued. You must be using at least Windows 98 Second Edition. Immersion has discontinued serial device support since the release of Windows XP.

If your Force RS is working, you do not need to upgrade your drivers. You cannot upgrade to the v2.51 drivers since they include USB support only.

Other Files - Advanced Users Only

Force RS v2.2 Win 98,98SE/Me/2000 (Engine VID_061C & PID_C0A4)
Force RS v2.1 Win 95/98 (Engine VID_061C&PID_C084 and VID_061C&PID_C094)
Force RS v2.1 ReadMe File
Force RS v1.23 and earlier Registry Cleaner
Force RS v1.23 Raw Driver Files
Force RS v1.23 Multi-Lingual Driver Install
Immersion Studio Downloads
RBJoy - Assign Keyboard Commands to Force RS

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